LA Confidential


Strain Name: LA Confidential
Grade: A+
Type: Indica
Smell: Has a scent all its own. Close to Bubba or Louis XIII, or even a Master Kush or Diamond Kush…it stinks in that good way.
Taste: Very sticky and sweet. Thats another part of the signature taste. Stinks, yet sweet…like Grandschool.
Effects: Great for appetite, lots of THC and high CBD. OG/Bubba genetics really give it euphoria along with uplifiting qualities for an Indica
Potency: Depending on the strain, medium to very high

buy la confidential online combining a legendary Los Angeles-area Afghani with another choice Afghani specimen, DNA Genetics created a very potent indica hybrid in L.A. Confidential.  The plant has massive dark green fan leaves, is disease and mold-resistant, and yields well with proper care.  The old school sweet and spicy Afghani taste brings to mind the mother OG Affie.

This pressure is notoriously powerful, so take care of with treatment. But even then, LA Confidential has some rather tame Uncomfortable side effects. A circumstance of cottonmouth could manifest when using tobacco this pressure, and is frequently accompanied by a feeling of dry eyes. Get LA Confidential Strain Online

Using a THC that high, one would say this strain is best inside the evening and night several hours or When you’ve got every day off. This strain is surely an Indica dominant hybrid that has a cerebral influence that generate a temper lifting sensation for the smoker.

As for your so-named adverse effects of marijuana, LA Confidential might cause dry eyes and dry mouth, but with these types of large amounts of THC, it could also lead to paranoia or nervousness when eaten in larger amounts.

buy la confidential online sense of euphoria is common with most marijuana strains and LA confidential is no exception. That is a fantastic night deal with, as a contented, heat and fuzzy very little Excitement will probably be made all-around you supplying you with a restful and tranquil night time.The taste is sweet and woody, having a vintage skunky aroma that isn’t as well extended. Total, LA Confidential is often a very well-balanced present that provides a fast-paced method of experience equally psychedelic and Tremendous calming for that head and system.



30, 100, 250, 500, 1000


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