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Strain Name: Purple Haze
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid mainly Sativa (rumored to be a Thai/Colombian Haze crossed with an early Dutch Skunk.
Looks: Vivid purple with bright green leaves and an ample coating of bright orange hairs.
Smell: Extremely Aromatic with smells ranging from heady inscense to a woodsy, almost Sandlewood aroma, to a deeply earthy Haze undertone. Very satisfying olefactry experience indeed.
Taste: The most “Purple” taste of any medicine I’ve ever experienced. Grape candy on the inhale and earthy Sandlewood inscense on the exhale. Almost exactly like the Smell.
Effects: Very soaring, rushy, euphoric effect that is not at all edgey or uncomfortable. This medicine made me fill very “large” and floaty like a big baloon in the sky. Very long lasting with amellow easy comedown.
Potency: Very strong with pronounced psychedelic imagery and soaring,rushy body high. Not for the faint of heart, at least in the initial stages of the experience,before eventually (could be hours) the introspective mellow indica high takes over.

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purple kush for sale is genuine trippy hippy head stash. Vintage sativa with just enough indica influence to keep flowering under 10 weeks. This is the sativa strain of choice for the creative cannabis connoisseur. Aesthetically, few modern hybrids can even compare with the deep purple and lavender colours that emerge in flowers and leaves during late bloom.

The fragrance of Purple Haze is sweet, tropical and inviting. You hope it tastes as good as it smells and it really does. Purple is associated with Kingship or royalty in Asia. True to her Thai ancestry the Purple Haze is the Queen of the Haze family.

purple kush for sale is a type of strains that just keeps on supplying…for a single, it’s an easy backyard or basement improve and typically provides off a powerful generate that lasts for months.

Been rising purple kush considering the fact that I used to be in university, result in nothing at all beats that sweet purple weed! I requested it online, had it shipped to my little mailbox that is certainly formed just like a fish and after that grew it out on my stunning ten acre house listed here in Washington.

This is a really Particular strain, great for a vacation present or perhaps once you’re chilling around the fire or even the Television Using the loved ones. I need to say I’m more than happy using this pressure, it’s been excellent for my aching and weary physique and offers me lots of anxiety reduction.It’s a mellow high, quite simple to slip into, would make me a little sleepy, a bit content, and certainly hungry lol. I received myself three seeds from GCS and grew them from the yard. They looked as if it would love the sunshine and did really well! I’ll completely be back again for more pot seeds!If you’d like a cannabis pressure that can help you rest and have some A lot-essential relaxation, Purple Kush is a fantastic selection.


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